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10 Web Design Best Practices You Should Know About

Every web design company is working on a different project and all of them have their own unique requirements. It is important that the website is unique as only then it will grab the attention of the audience.

There are many web designs that are used around the globe; some of them are considered the best practices and they are common universally. It is important that you focus on the right web design for your UK business. To help you out, we have our top 10 web design best practices that you must consider while looking to hire a web designer to your business website.

1. Background information

We start the web design by paying attention to the background information. You must have an easy to understand and simple URL so that the customers will remember it whenever they want to use your business or recommend it further.

The content you upload should be of high-quality, unique and engaging so that the target audience can be easily attracted. You must beware of the purpose of the site and the content that you are uploading so that you can turn your visitors into paying customers.

2. Page layout

In our web design company in Hampshire, we know that the page layout is very important. The audience will decide whether they want to stay on your site or not by looking at your page layout. A few things to consider are:

3. Browser compatibility

Different audience’s will use different types of web browsers to access your website. Your website should be developed with the latest codes and languages so that it will be compatible with the latest versions of:

4. Navigation

As there will be many pages on the website, it is important that you have simple navigation that will save the time of your audience. The link text should be clear and ensure that they are different from the general text so the customer can easily identify them.

The hyperlinks you use should not be broken and if the image is the navigation link, you must mention it somewhere. There should be an unordered list for the navigation.

5. Colour and graphics

The colour scheme you use for your web design UK business should have a maximum of 3 to 4 colours neutrals. There should be consistency in the utilisation of colours. The shade of the text should be in contrast with the background colour so that audience can easily read it.

The graphics and colours should be used to enhance each other. They should download quickly and every graphic should show the purpose of its use.

6. Multimedia

Our web design company prefers to use multimedia with the written content for the ease of the audience interaction. It can be a:

Engaging captions should be available over the multimedia file they should attract more audience towards the site. There should be proper links and plugins available to download the file. The speed of downloading the multimedia file should be fast.

7. Content presentation

One of the web design best practices that you must consider is the presentation of your content. You should only use a single font and it should be the basic one and easy to understand. There should be bullet points, paragraphs and headers in the content to make it more attractive.

Wisely select the size and colours of the font. Ensure that there are no typographical or grammatical errors in the content and it should be written in an easy to understand language. Update the content regularly and mention the dates of submission.

8. Functionality

Proper functionality of the website is very important. The functional websites attract more customers as compared to the ones that are not. You have to consider that:

9. Accessibility

The website should be properly accessible to all the target audience. It should have the proper navigation services so that customers will not face any kinds of issues. Proper keywords should be used on the site so that the customers can easily find your website. Ensure that it has been properly optimized so that it will appear in the top results of the search engines where you will get the chance to grab the attention of more visitors. Proper HTLM codes should be used that will make it easy to understand the development language of the site

10. Responsive design

Pay attention when the web design company is developing your website. Most customers these days use their smartphone to access the web and it has to be assured that your website has a responsive design. The companies often design the website that is responsive but if not you must let them know. You will never miss customers and it will make your online platform more engaging.

Bottom line

You should be very careful when you are looking to hire a web designer on your new business website design project. It is important that your website meet the standards of the web designing so that you will not have to face the consequences that come with breaking them. The website should be unique and stand out from the rest so that it would be easier for you to grab the attention of your customers.

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